Its Been A While

Hi Everyone,

Geoff and Bobby here. We apologize for the delay in updating everyone, but here we are.


First up is Allen Watson @shrptooth:
Allen has completed an issue for Chapter House Comics, Allen did the pencils for the North Guard. On top of that, we were able to successfully kickstarter the book Drachein. Allen is busy working away on the interiors of the book. We are aiming for a deadline around the holidays. 
Commission list is currently closed. 

Next is Anand Radhakrishan @an_anandrk:
Anand is busy working on Grafity's Wall, with Ram V (a favorite writer of ours here at GMAS).
Anand will be opening a commission list as well. If you are interested, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Now up is Cian Tormey @CianTormey:
Cian has completed a few covers for the North Guard series by Chapter House Comics. Cian enjoyed his first NYCC as a fan and plans to be an exhibitor next year at the show! His commission list is currently closed.

Clay McCormack @DeadMeatComic :
Clay has completed the Redline series, as well as did an issue of the WWE Comic! He also just appeared at MASSMice, and will be appearing at more shows in the future.
Commission list is currently closed.

Devmalya Pramanik @TheWarblazer:
Dev's first Image series Paradiso has been announced! The pages are gorgeous and the story is thrilling. I urge you to pick up more than one copy, could be a 25 dollar first issue. Dev's commission list is currently closed.

Eryk Donovan @ErykDonovan :
Eryk is currently finishing up his trilogy with James Tynion IV, the title is Eugenic! Eryk also recently just finished up tabling at NYCC, he appreciates everyone who came by to say hello!
He also has another project called Black Sheep coming soon, stay tuned for more info! Commission list currently open.

Fabian Lelay @rocketsandpens :
Fabian's pitch, We Are The Danger is being fought over by publishers. Keep an eye out on solicits for where it will pop up. In the meantime, Fabian is currently working on some other projects. Also, he had a wonderful time at NYCC, and thanks, everyone who came to his table!
Commission list currently open.

Giovanni Valletta @gio2286:
Gio is currently working away on John Wick. Keep an eye out for Dynamite to bring any updates on the series. Gio had some pages with him at NYCC and it looked stunning. He also completed Xmen Blue #9. 
Commission list currently closed.

Hugo Petrus @Hugo_Petrus
Hugo has finished up inking the Nick Fury series at Marvel with James Robinson and ACO.
He also inked Mikel Janin in the War of Jokes and Riddles written by Tom King.
Hugo will be drawing two issues of JLA in November with Steve Orlando! Keep right here for any art that could be sold.
Commission list currently open.

Ralvi Ariyan @RalviAriyan:
Ralvi is currently working on some commission work. He also has done some work for local publishers. If you would like a commission from Ralvi, drop us a line and we would be more than happy to help you out!
Commission list currently open.

Ruairi Coleman @ruairicoleman:
No one cares. Just kidding, but not really. Anyway, Ruairi has completed a few issues of Fruit Ninja from Dynamite. He is currently working on a few creator-owned pitches. 
Commission list currently closed.

Scott Godlewski @scottygod :
In case you missed it, we have added the tremendously talented Scott Godlewksi to our team. Scott recently has completed a few issues of Superman and Green Lantern. He has a Batwomen issue coming out later this year, along with more Copperhead.
Commission list currently open.

Tana Ford @tanaford :
Tana is currently working on Jems and the Holograms, as well as an issue of Star Trek!
This year she has wrapped up Silk for Marvel, and did two one-shots as well. 
Commission list currently closed.

Wes St. Claire @wesstclaire :
Wes is currently working on Fu-Jitsu for Aftershock comics! After a successful issue one launch, he is hard at work on issue 2 and 3. We are stoked to see where the series goes. Also, congratulations to Katrin Wheatly. You are our winner for the signed copy of Fu-Jitsu #1. Please contact us to arrange us getting you the copy.

Well, that is everyone. Make sure to give everyone and us a follow on twitter to get all the latest updates.  Till the next time.