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Thor V Loki -  By Cian Tormey, colours by Edgar Delgado

Thor V Loki - By Cian Tormey, colours by Edgar Delgado


Get yourself an original piece of comic history

If collecting comics is your passion, collecting original artwork is where you can really enter the comics world.

And when you get access before an artist hits the big-time, owning a true original doesn’t even have to be expensive.

Geoff M. Art offers you one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL ART straight from the artist’s desk:

The majestic city of Metropolis meticulously penciled, seedy Hell’s Kitchen rendered with ink, or the shadowy Bat-Cave drawn by lamp-light, each piece is a guaranteed original from one of the rising stars of the comics industry.

And soon it could all be yours.



Like any good collector, we’ve hand-picked the talent on our roster, carefully selecting each artist for the potential in their work.

The result? A stable of world-class young artists from across the globe, and a list of names that are destined to become legendary.

And when they do- that original sketch you commissioned?

Legendary, too.

  • Sequential pages

    Pick up an original page that does what comics do best.

    Your very own piece of visual storytelling,

          100% original and an indelible part of the comics universe. 

  • Commissions

    Here’s where you call the shots.

    Take part in creating your very own piece of comic art.

    You choose the character, the artist, the scene—what can you imagine?

  • Original art

    Posters, costume studies, character sketches-

    How about owning a real piece of the action?

    Take a peek behind the scenes and see how fantastic worlds are built.


Talent of this caliber is something that very few have. So why not commission art that nobody else has?

Pick up an original piece by one of the comic industry’s future greats.

Discover your new favorite artist today.